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We lift and stabilize concrete using polyurethane foam exclusively.  Polyurethane foam will never erode, breakdown or lose density, it is permanently locked into place after injection.  These characteristics of polyurethane foam provide integrity and longevity to all of our repairs.  Our method involves drilling a 5/8" hole through a concrete slab, followed by controlled injections of polyurethane material to lift and support settled (or not yet settled) concrete slabs.  This proven process is a great fit for nearly all concrete found in and around your home, business, farm or warehouse setting.  We also continue to work with local and federal municipalities to address curb/gutter, city sidewalk, bridge approaches, roadways and more.


Drill Pump Patch.png

1. DRILL - A 5/8" hole (size of a dime) is drilled through a slab.

2. PUMP - Polyurethane material is injected under the slab in incremental injections

3. PATCH - Upon completion, all holes are patched with a high grade concrete mix 

Hole Comp - Us vs. Them.png

All patched holes by our company come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against future failure. 

The aesthetic value of your repair is as important to us as the correction itself. 

Our goal is to provide a repair that leaves behind little evidence of our work, indefinitely. 


STABILIZE HOLLOW VOIDS: Hollow voids under concrete is very common in our area.  These voids occur for a variety of reasons: Leaving downspouts up, poor lawn grade, natural ground settlement from construction, frost/thaw cycle, etc.  Stabilizing these voids prior to settlement saves money on the process, as well as significantly reduces the risk of cracking which reduces the aesthetic value of a property.

RAISE SETTLED CONCRETE: If a hollow void is left unaddressed, it will lead to cracking and settlement.  The lifting process involves raising a settled area of concrete, stabilizing any present void and providing support to any present fractures directly related to the settlement.  We are experienced in a variety of methods used to lift and stabilize a sunken slab to return an area as closely as possible to its original form.  Our skilled team consistently provides exceptional results, leveraging experience in a variety of environments and repairs.  Our product coupled with our process continues to provide each client with consistent and reliable results.   

JOINT/SLAB STABILIZATION: This type of repair is typically used in an industrial or agricultural environment where heavy or delicate machinery is used. The foam used for this repair has a delayed reaction which allows for wider coverage with minimal (if any) lifting properties.  A good example of use for this repair is a forklift traveling in a warehouse where the weight of the forklift creates a minuscule drop in a slab as it approaches a control joint.  As the forklift hits the joint, a small bump is felt which can disrupt whatever the forklift is carrying.  After the forklift crosses the joint, the weight is no longer compressing the slab and visually the slab appears on a level plane.  If left unresolved, this issue will lead to chipping of the concrete at the joint, as well as eventual fractures in the slab over time.

Want to learn more about our process?  Click HERE to visit our FAQ section.
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